Harare Province

All sorts of goods are on offer on Harare's markets but the international visitor will most probably be mainly interested in the many stands selling stone sculptures and other crafts.

Chapungu Sculpture Park and the National Art Gallery are imperative for all visitors to the city who are interested in Art.

The exhibition area of Chapungu Sculpture Park was founded in 1970 as a small museum and is now a massive sculpture park on the outskirts of Harare with a branch in the United States. It is easy to spend half the day here, for some even that is too short to appreciate all the many and vastly diverse sculptures.

In the National Art Gallery in the centre of Harare, you will also find stone sculptures amongst other artworks. Since the 1950s the Shona art of stone sculpture was supported and exhibited here. Today, many art exhibits from Zimbabwe and other African countries are on display here, as well as art from Europe.

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Harare Province